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Plastics for 3D printing

Objects are created for a specific purpose and should fully fulfil it so that their existence makes sense. What is the sequence of this process? The first thing that comes up is an idea, a concept. 3D printing responds to the need to materialise such an idea. It allows you to bring it into existence from its digital counterpart, which is the 2nd key stage - production.

Standard materials



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Material for functional prototyping

ABS is a versatile, tough and very widespread plastic that finds a wide range of applications in various industries. ABS-M30 thermoplastic retains all the advantages of ABS, yet has an increased strength level of between 25% and 70% compared to standard ABS.


Example application

Industrial materials



As we enter the modern industrial age, 3D printing materials are becoming a key link in the manufacturing revolution. Our collection of industrial 3D printing materials opens the door to unlimited possibilities in part design, prototyping and manufacturing.

Materiały inżynieryjne



Let our advanced 3D engineering printing materials be your partner in creating innovative solutions. Discover the future of manufacturing, design and prototyping with our diverse range of materials, meeting the highest standards of quality and performance.